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Our experience with a variety of processors is extensive ... like the following:



Energy Micro

Microchip PIC 10, 12, 16, 18, 24, 32 and dsPIC

Texas Instruments MSP430


Intel and Dallas 8051 cores

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With the ever increasing types of systems new programming models it is difficult to keep up with the pace of change.  We have developed software on computer systems from assembly language to scripts and compiled apps for todays popular plaforms like Mindows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad:


C / C++ / C#





Java / Java Script

Visual Basic

device drivers

User interface


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Some of the major components and subsystems we've worked with:

Wireless - Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, DUST mesh networking, ZigBee

Cellular Modules - CDMA and GSM

Environmental Sensors - pressure, flow, humidity, moisture, temperature, light, color, motion, multi-axis accelerometer (force or gravity), rotational, gyroscope

Data Logging

GPS Modules

Ethernet MAC/PHY

LCD - graphic and segmented

Custom Battery charging and management

Serial interfaces - USB, RS232, RS485, LVDS, SPI, I2C

Analog Design: power management, discrete analog design

DC/brushless motors

SCR/TRIAC AC power control

Small Signal Powerline communication


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